What is Scouting?

Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people and 100,000 adults across the UK. We believe in helping our Members fulfil their potential by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. We give people of every background the chance to stretch themselves, learn new skills and make life-long friends.

Who can be a Scout?

Scouting is open to all young people of every faith and background. We also provide fulfilling volunteering opportunities for adults, as leaders, assistants or administrators.

Before my child joins, can we see what it's like?

Of course! Contact us and we can arrange for both parents and young people to come and visit, and see for yourselves what Scouting is like. To enquire about places in each section, please check the joining us webpage as some sections may currently be at full capacity. The membership application form is available to download from this website.

Are young people kept safe in Scouting?

Absolutely. We take safety and child protection very seriously. All volunteers are CRB checked, and our adventurous activities must fulfil specific health and safety criteria.

What will my child do in Beavers/Cubs/Scouts?

He/she will go through a progressive training programme consistent with the Scouting method and the aims and objectives of the Scout Association – learning through doing and taking increasing responsibility for themselves and others.  Above all they will have fun at the 7th through regular weekly section meetings and opportunities for camps, sleepovers, hikes, days out, District competitions and more.

What is investiture?

Once your son/daughter is comfortable in their new section, their leader will decide when they are ready to be invested.  This will involve a short ceremony to which you will be invited. It’s not scary! You will need to get a uniform but the Group scarf and woggle will be provided.

What is expected of my child?

It is true to say that your child will only get something out of Scouting if they are prepared to put something in. We understand that there are a great number of demands on young people and you have to prioritise. We do expect a certain level of commitment, if only in recognition of the work our (volunteer) leaders put in to prepare section meetings and activities. The courtesy of a phone call from you if your child cannot attend is much appreciated. (Please see our Attendance Expectations policy.)

What is expected of parents & guardians?

Please help us to support your son or daughter in all their Scouting activities. Read newsletters and section letters, take note of activity dates & times, drop off and collect your child on time. Please respond to requests promptly and fill in permission to camp forms, medical forms etc when required – we are not allowed to take your child away without them. Also, do remember our leaders are all 100% volunteers, giving up their spare time to help our younger generation get the most out of Scouting.