Welcome to the 7th Newham Salaam Scout Group website

We are a registered Scout group and deliver the national Scouting programme for young people from aged 6, male and female. Set up in 2010, we aim to develop the youth of our community physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually in a fun and challenging way. In the space of 5 years, we have become one of the biggest Scout Groups in the District. Through Scouting, young people develop confidence, make friends, interact positively with the wider society and gain access to networks that will assist in their future lives. Adventure is at the heart of everything we do. It is the single most important thing that sets Scouts apart. Through the everyday adventure of Scouting, young people and adult volunteers regularly experience new challenges that enrich their lives. From camping and hiking, to surfing and paragliding, there are hundreds of activities that Scouting offers!